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) with exclusive, behind the scenes footage. >> it is a movement. (vo) don't miss stephanie miller"s sexy liberal comedy tour. >> i'm going to go cop some cheap feels. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025, we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's ready with the know how we need [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ ♪ so, you guys grew up together. yes, since third grade... what are you lookin' at? not looking at i anything... we're not good enough for you. must be supermodels? what do you model gloves? brad, eat a snickers. why? 'cause you get a little angry when you're hungry. better? [ male announcer ] you're not you when you're hungry™. better. [ male announcer ] snickers satisfies. [ ♪ music ♪ ] ♪ try to improve my vocabulary ♪ >> john: this is the "stephanie miller show." i'm john fugelsang. really, really honored to
to the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce here in l.a. both the president and the romney campaign have plans to shift their focus to the economy this week. romney's planned speech the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce will talk about balancing the budget by eliminating nonessential federal programs and to cut down on federal employment through consolidation. he's promising to fix the imgreat lakes -- the immigration system with an emphasis on border control. >> trade has to work for america. that means crack down on cheaters like china and open up new markets. next, we have to balance the budget. cut the deficit. got to stop spending more money than we take in. >> speaking of china, the white house is asking the world trade organization today to stop china from putting unfair taxes on u.s.-made vehicles and in a second separate request stop china from financially undermining u.s. auto part exports. today is the one-year anniversary of the occupy wall street movement. protestors have already started to gather in the
. (vo) don't miss stephanie miller"s sexy liberal comedy tour. >> i'm going to go cop some ♪ give you the real deal honey ♪ ♪ wake up baby ♪ >> john: this is the "stephanie miller show," i'm john fugelsang. filling in for the vacationing steph. i do hope she is sleeping in this morning. we'll be taking your calls at 1-800-steph-1-2. joined by comic legend, rick overton. i consider you a legend because your jokes have been stolen by all comedians. >> thank you. it's good to get them out there. >> john: linda is calling from california. >> caller: hey i'm calling about the comedy part of mitt romney. >> john: please go on. >> caller: i have three quick points. and i love your show -- >> john: it's not my show. it's miss millers. >> caller: the last couple of day's events has turned silly mittens into a dangerous too close to be president kind of person, and when he made the statement yesterday -- i couldn't believe -- i wish you guys were on then, so i would say what is he doing? but the second part i have ann romney made a comment that it is our turn. and i t
was and bin laden determined to attack the u.s. -- >> yes, and one of his many vacations and also if you remember the summer leading up to 9/11 the big story was gary condit and the shark attack. >> >> john: that's right. >> and we're back -- in terms of the media i think we're back in that state of mind where it's still a lot of trivial stuff and the really important things that we should be concerned about aren't getting through. the difference now with the internet now there is a lot more sources of information about things. >> john: there's no way to overstate how 9/11 has changed america, and yet you can also make the argument that we haven't changed. maybe we need something for the other side of our brain to balance out the heaviness. >> we have changed in mostly bad ways it seems. >> john: i don't know about that as someone who lives in downtown manhattan. a lot of us which the iraq war had never happened, but i think had 9/11 not hand, they would have found a way to have the iraq war anyway. you could make the argument that thanks to the work of our troops, an
. president obama is going to address the nation in a little more from an hour now, and say the u.s. will do what it can to stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon. netenyahu has been pushing the president to draw a hard red line with tehran and president obama wants to exhaust all non-military options first. the president will talk about embassies around the world and how the u.s. will bing justice to those who harm americans. >> romney: he said the developments in the middle east are bumps in the road. [ laughter ] >> romney: yeah that was my reaction. >> the obama campaign said romney is once again politicizing an international tragedy and taking the president's comments out of context. one romney remark that is tough to take in context is at a fund raiser over the weekend. his wife's plane had an electrical fire on board and had to make an emergency landing. he said he doesn't understand why windows on planes didn't open, and thought that was dangerous. [ laughter ] >> you can't make this stuff up. we're back after the break. ♪ >> on tonight's show, suza
be the first election since the '70s that one of the parties ticket did not win any of their home states and mitt romney has two. >> stephanie: apparently the treese and the polls not the right height in michigan or anywhere. newt gingrich >> romney campaign has yet to find a way of explaining itself and laying out the difference between romney and obama. and i think that's a problem. they seem to have this overly methodical model where they keep saying the same thing, and the world is too fluid arsophisticated for that. >> stephanie: somebody needs to reboot the rom-bot. >> i love hearing newt gingrich giving advise on how to run a campaign for mitt romney. i'm surprised he didn't pause of the word model. and think, ummm models. >> stephanie: [ inaudible ]. >> a two-word axiom we ought to emblazen on everything we have. liberalism kills whether it's in a family, university, education, whether it's in government and especially in denomination liberalism kills. >> stephanie: well. that's a simple line. there's one theme to that radio show there. >> this guy is basicall
to buy this nomination. a lot of g.o.p.s in my own family are in a bind. they don't know who they're going to vote for. go ahead rick. >> i don't know why really devoutly conservative christians are voting at all when it is a matter of days before they're gone. why are you putting all of the fight into it? hang out start packing. >> john: you're talking about the rapture. a completely made up thing -- >> shh! >> john: made up by a british clergyman in the 1800s based on the book of revelation. if you read the book of revelation, this guy john, not john the apostle. it is not john the apostle. guy named john who is tripping his face off on taint shad rooms in a cave and writing down on parchment everything that he hallucinates. someone decided this was the vision of the end of the world that is going to happen. what's funny about it, revelation is the part of the bible that describes jesus as being brown skinned so sorry kirk cameron. but really, you know what the rapture is? it's bible fan fiction. you don't
during the 90s where people laid off of voting and laid off being citizens. >> stephanie: 29 minutes after the hour. more hump days with hal on "the stephanie miller show." show." good morning. >> caller: first time calling into a talk show but it is refreshing to see a true liberal show that's truly liberal. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: i was calling in. i wanted to talk about i think a lot of the things about the election is overanalyzed and i feel that a lot of people, they're going to vote for who >>oh really? >>tax cuts don't create jobs. the golden years as the conservatives call them, we had the highest tax rates, and the highest amount of growth, and the highest amount of jobs. those are facts. >>"if you ever raise taxes on the rich, you're going to destroy our economy." not true! >> i can't take it anymore. he doesn't treat -- >> stephanie miller right. why isn't he grabbing her tush? >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. hump days with hal sparks continues. paul in boston. hi paul, we
one to out to u.s. military success ever. >> yeah. >> and dobbs and limbaugh both don't understand the first thing about what is going on. bin laden has been dead for a while. but they are now pretending that that is at the center of all of this. >> stephanie: all right. ann coulter. >> the way liberals have treated blacks like children we don't owe the homeless, we don't owe feminists, but that's what the left has become -- >> immigrant rights are not civil rights? >> no, i think civil rights are for black. >> wow. >> and that's on abc this week right? >> yeah. they keep inviting her back. >> it's like -- media matters we don't waste a lot of time complaining about the sunday talk -- but it's like really? is this impeachment 1996 is that what we need ann coulter to explain to us. she puts out these right-wing books, and the same 10,000 people buy them. this election, all of it it is irrelevant. so they just have her on to say something stupid like this. so you mean civil rights for blacks is not based on treating blacks like children. >> it has nothing to do with
days? i do? when you had to remember to back stuff up. >> back in the 40s. >> stephanie: right. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: carbonite is so easy to get started with. $59 for the entire year gives you unlimited backup for all of your files. when i get demanding and screechy i need it now. >> exactly. i don't care that you sound like dana lohse, i do my job. >> stephanie: i make that sound she makes, and boom everything is at my fingertips. they will back up all of your computers for one flat fee. you lost the dana lohse clip. >> i think it is found under screeching harpy. >> stephanie: it found here right under -- >> you're fired! >> oh, boy. >> stephanie: two bonus months with your subscription that's, offer code stephanie. peggy noonan just called and she said you are incompetent. >> i'm an incompetent oaf. >> i think your show is absolutely vulgar. it is sad. >> announcer: it is the "stephanie miller show." 46 ♪ ve mudcat suanders coming right up. jacki schechner, i was on vacation and missed some things but our signs and fact-free fends on t
fought about that. >> stephanie: really? i have heard about that. all right. paul straus who is d.c.'s shadow senator. thank you so much. >> thank you. we have parting gives just for playing today. >> stephanie: oh chocolate. you just bought my vote. there you go. we'll be right back live from charlotte, north carolina, from the hollowed out shell of the democratic national convention. >> announcer: you can't turn her off, not in the middle of turning her on. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot. it doesn't matter who you are. she was trying to be cool. she walks in, bonus, bonus bonus, bonus. [ screaming ] by the way in heels, the same height. [ applause ] >> wow. >> stephanie: she's awesome. as is john fuglesang. thank you, boston. 18 minutes after the hour. let's continue on "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: for a good time, call now. so, you guys grew up together. yes, since
. >> he was pushing fuel efficiency standards in the 1950s. >> stephanie: he was a liberal. >> and he walked out of your dad's convention. >> stephanie: well i would have too, if i would have been invited if i wasn't so ugly. if i had been more attractive i think they would have used me as a prop. >> you were abandoned by wolves. >> but george romney was actually a progressive. he couldn't get here this convention. we're supposed to be hearing charlie chris coming and that will be interesting. that's our slogan. jim and i just walked into the arena, and our thing is america coming together. >> i saw ron jeremy here -- >> i did see the hedgehog -- >> stephanie: cock. it's hedgecock. i always get that wrong too. isn't that weird? >> yes and america is coming together. >> stephanie: we'll see what happens after the planned parenthood party. [ laughter ] >> you would be late for the planned parenthood party. >> stephanie: right. >> you might miss it. >> stephanie: are you doing girl part's humor. >> i am. >> you and clay akin know more about lady private parts than todd a
are -- [ laughter ] >> stephanie: i don't know that it is fair to say what dad would think -- but in the 60s they didn't talk about abortion or gay rights -- >> no. >> stephanie: but they are just saying up the line he would just be a loyal republican. and there are an awful lot of prominent loyal republicans that have been in office -- it is tonight, jim that charlie christ is speaking. so we're not the only ones. >> the whole thing about kind of understanding my grandfather's political -- was more -- when i did that movie documentary, the film i did on him, "mr. conservative." it gave me a chance to explore him politically when i really only knew him as a granddaughter. you get a whole different side of it, and interview people and get their read on it. >> i was three when my dad ran, you were five, you were -- >> whatever. >> stephanie: oh sorry. sensitive information -- >> it's already. never mind. >> stephanie: awkward. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: yes, it was my birthday yesterday, rub it in. >> stephanie: that's right. happy birthday baby. >> i have to say it is free
richards, l.a.'s own. >> pleasure to be here. for the christians. >> john: they're out there. those are my heroes, too. i'm -- i feel like all we see on the news about christians are creeps screaming at women outside clinics and guys like terry jones who again the pastor who burns korans, incites violence and hung the president in effigy outside his church yesterday. hanging a black man in effigy in florida. tasteful for a church, wouldn't you all agree? >> what do i have to do to get on the news? because i'm not willing to do that. do i run around naked? the progressives just aren't that interesting. >> john: if you ran around naked, you would get on the news. erykah badu did it at daley plaza. she got on the news. >> hal: i would say that you're both getting a better picture of what it must be like to be a moderate muslim in the world. >> no kidding. >> hal: can you imagine being muslim in the world and the only video of you that they ever show -- of your religion is people burning and tearing flags. >> john
them at a significant profit. [♪ dramatic music ♪] >> stephanie: like organs. >> back in the '80s that was testing very well with focus groups. >> stephanie: president obama said if your job is to be the head of a hedge fund your job is to make money. >> that's a good point whether it was creating jobs or outsourcing jobs they are good at it. it was never to create jobs for workers. >> mitt romney's plan will hurt the middle class, while giving a tax break of $250,000 to millionaires. >> stephanie: we do the scarey music and announcer but it is all with true facts. >> it's called pro growth steph. >> stephanie: right. right. >> like cancer. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: oh, jim ward. he specializes in dark humor. >> the cancer jokes keep coming. >> hitler has cancer great. hilarious. ♪ >> stephanie: well hitler -- well that's funny. okay. 58 minutes -- >> can we just move on to the next hour. >> stephanie: yeah penny marshall is coming up so let her pull us out. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." she is awesome. we'll be right back on t
because he's not a republican. newt gingrich in the '90s tainted the whole political process so badly that it still hasn't recovered. >> also, again the people self-identify as republicans are a much smaller group than they were even when newt gingrich was in office. and a good swath of people who call themselves undecided or independents actually voted for bush twice. voted for dole. voted -- were anti-clinton voters, the whole deal but are so embarrassed by the bush legacy that they now call themselves independents or libertarians. they've run so far either to the right or the center to avoid the bush legacy that they are -- when you ask them as -- when you ask a republican, anybody who still identifies as a republican wholeheartedly, they probably are this narrow -- they've been centrifuged. the remnants of the republican party. the far right. super war hawk neocon nut cases. >> stephanie: this is sad for our little network here. jeff greenfield, author of -- what would happen if al gore had become president? oka
american women in the u.s. who set record voting in 2008 but didn't turn out in the same capacity in 2010. we're back with more stephanie after the break. stay with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] the inventors of twix had a falling out, so the production of twix was divided between two separate factories. left twix factory cascades caramel and chocolate onto cookie, while right twix factory flows caramel and chocolate onto cookie. today they share nothing but a wrapper and a driveway. try both and pick a side. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: and why not feel good with your rolling calamity that is the mitt romney campaign. ann may have been being a good spouse. she was trying to take the latest stupid thing off of mitt by saying her own stupid thing. >> ann romney: stop it. you want to try it get in the
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